I’m blogging?!

Hi, I’m Georgie and welcome to my blog!

Only recently has this idea of blogging come about, not saying I’ve never liked the idea of blogging it just wasn’t something I’ve been interested in doing. But recently I have been overwhelmed with so many thoughts and learnt so much about different things that now I am wanting to share these things with you.

I’m unsure exactly what this blog with consist of but at this stage I’m looking at focusing on veganism, positivity, self love, travel, and life in general. I am no English expert, or professional blogger at all, so don’t mind the punctuation and grammar errors. This is somewhere where I want to share positivity, my thoughts, passionsĀ and ideas and connect with like-minded people.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my future content, and once again, welcome to my blog!

Georgie x


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